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Warm as spring, bid farewell to the old and welcome the new -- the first quarter birthday party of e

Release:2020-1-10 15:43:59

       The happiest day of the year should be your birthday. How do you spend it? Spend time with your family, your friends? Come on! In order to embody the humanized management of the company, to improve employees'recognition and sense of belonging to the company, to enable the majority of employees to truly integrate into the team of the company, and to grow and develop together with the company, on the afternoon of January 9,2020, we held a wonderful birthday PARTY for the "birthday stars of the first quarter" .

       In order to ensure the smooth completion of the activities, the Administrative Department of colleagues in advance of the layout of the conference room, ribbon fluttering, colorful ball flying, although simple but warm. You see, cake, dessert, fruit, all kinds of snacks dazzling array, everything. WHOA! Festive greeting cards are also waiting for the arrival of the host!

       4:00 p.m. , birthday party starts on time. First of all, Ye Min to attend the staff greetings, a brief introduction to the birthday of the theme. Then she invited sister Finn to give a speech. Ms Fen sends her best wishes to the birthday girl of this season. Thank you for your hard work and good wishes for the future of the company. All at once, the applause was thunderous and everyone was filled with joy. Then, Ye Min led us together to enjoy the life of the stars of the season, read their motto, although simple but deep with good expectations. In the laughter, the birthday stars appeared, the sister sent birthday cards and red envelopes, and the birthday stars with a group photo nostalgia. TA-DA, the most important part of a birthday is to blow out the candles and share the cake. The lights went out, the sparkles in the fireworks, the birthday stars around together, acquiesced under the heart of the wish. Candlelight printed everyone's smiling face bright, envious of others. We all shared delicious food, talked and laughed, and enjoyed a rare happy time.

       That's the end of part one, we're going to take a break, and it's going to be the climax of the birthday party. The warm-up game is "one dollar fifty cents" . As the name implies, boys dressed as five, girls dressed as a dollar, when the host said a sum, we freely group, if the amount of error will be eliminated. At the beginning, we are still a little shy, can not let go of their own, a few rounds, the basic into the state of the game.

       And that brings us to the main event. The first game is "step on the balloon" . The game is simple and rough, as long as the other side of the balloon stamp out, and his balloon intact will win. Twelve people are divided into four groups, a separate contest, the winning four PK again to get the final winner. The first round began, "start" under the order, the momentum of the three legs to break. You see, the three of them have taken an offensive strategy, more than offensive, inadequate defense, this is not, district Zhihao balloon inadvertently was behind lunchaoxi broken. That leaves two people to fight. Why, Lunchaoxi balloon flew away, Cao Kangmeng seize the opportunity to pull off the balloon, but then what happened, Lunchaoxi was pulled off the balloon stamped out. It's too dramatic. Let's just say we were right at the beginning and wrong at the end. First round goes to Cao Kangmeng. The second round, Pan Yuhui, Pan Yongyao, Pan Zhihan, "pan three generals" duels. I have to say, the long leg is good, Pan Yongyao two feet left and right arch, left foot attack, right foot defense. Several close calls, save the balloon to win. In the third round, Li taiming and Chen Weixiong on both sides launched an attack on Zhong Zhaokuan in the middle. Zhong Zhaokuan fought back. However, the two fists could not defeat the four hands. The balloon broke. A moment did not stop, Li taiming and Chen Weixiong attack, a little block, but he fast accurate ruthless, foot to the ball broken, more one-chip. That was a quick round. After five rounds, finally, Strength First, Pan Yongyao won the victory.

       The second game is "stool snatching" . The game, like the first game, is played in groups. The game is divided into two groups. The music begins. Round one begins. Four people around the stool in a circle, suddenly, the music stopped, did not react to the person has been eliminated. Fewer chairs. The rest of you, move on. The tempo is getting faster and people are getting more nervous. In the end, Chen Weixiong narrowly won. In the second set, Ye Min won. Finally, "two Chen" PK, Ye Min with a flexible figure slightly win. After the game, sister Fen gave the winner of the game a beautifully wrapped gift.

       Time flies when you're having fun. All the blessings have been injected into the heart of Jiang Chen (Hai chen) Lake!
       HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL! Good Health! Have a good day at work! You get what you want! I also wish you a more brilliant tomorrow!

                                      January 9,2020,  

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